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Review: Estelle Laschever's work at Visual Images Gallery in Wellfleet

There is an Irish proberb "Nih-aitheanita go h-aoin tios," which means "To know beauty, you must live with it".

Estelle Laschever lives with and through great music and it is the driving force underneath her color work on display. She demonstrates her ability as an instinctive tacitician taking her subject to a higher level.

There is a virtual epiphonic element in Estelle Laschever's treatment of classical music that is not specifically religious but rather manifests a sympathy for all living, growing things. Her feeling for the preciousness of life arises in part from the lengthy experience of hearing romantic symphonies and is sharpened by privation and spontaneous uncontrived handling of materials best suited to convey it.

Betsy Rae
Nauset Calendar, Cape cod